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Spring 2019

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  • 2019 Hamlet at Southbridge Homeowner's Association Annual Meeting
    • The 2019 Hamlet at Southbridge Homeowner’s Association Annual Meeting will be held at as follows:
Date: Tuesday, May 7, 2019
Time: 7:00 pm
Location: Red Oak Elementary
    • The agenda for the meeting will be posted on the website as soon as it is finalized along with a financial and operating update. At this year’s meeting, we will be electing two (2) homeowner members to the Board of Directors for our association. If you are interested in running, please complete and return the nomination form found on the association web site at www.hamlet-southbridge.com.
    • Meeting Agenda
    • Hamlet Financials
  • Proxys Needed
    • Save time by submitting your proxy online at: Proxy Form
A minimum of 25% of the residents (70 households) must attend in person or by proxy so that a quorum may be established as set forth in the bylaws of the association. If you do not plan on attending the meeting, you must complete a proxy form (included in your dues notice) and submit it by one of the following options by Tuesday, April 30, 2019:
      • Mail it with your 2019 Hamlet dues to the address below, or
      • Send it with a neighbor who will be attending, or
      • Scan and email it to board@hamlet-southbridge.com, or
      • Give it to one of the board members
  • 2019 Hamlet at Southbridge Annual Dues Reminder
    • If you have not yet paid your 2019 annual dues, a reminder is included with this letter.  Dues postmarked after May 1, 2019 will be considered delinquent and assessed an annual interest charge of 18%, and a late fee of $26.  If you refinanced or purchased your home after January 1, 2019 and your dues still show as outstanding, please send a copy of the closing document to confirm that your dues were already paid in lieu of a check. 
Please submit your payment by Tuesday, April 30th, 2019:
  • Hamlet at Southbridge HOA
  • PO Box 154
  • Savage, MN 55378
  • Homeowner's Assessed for a Portion of Mailbox Replacements
    • At a past annual meeting, the owners in attendance voted to allow the Association to assess back a portion ($150.00 per address) of the cost to replace mailbox posts within the village. The association pays the balance of the remaining cost for replacement. Based on our past experience with full replacements the cost total cost for a full replacement is approximately $450.00 per address. This includes all removal of the old post.
  • Receive Newsletter Electronically
    • To receive our newsletter in a PDF format instead of by mail, fill out the requested information on the form.
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  •  Hamlet Committees Need Your Help!
The Hamlet committees could use your help. Please consider volunteering on the maintenance, communications, architecture or rules committee. The time commitment is minimal and your input is essential.

  • Our Mission
As a Homeowners Association comprised of neighbors within Hamlet at Southbridge, it is our utmost goal to enhance and unite the neighborhood that we live in.  Preserving property values, maintaining and landscaping common areas, and organizing neighborhood events are just some of the ways that this can be achieved.