Minutes 07/10/2002

July 10th, 2002 - 7:30 PM


  • Tom Pitschneider
  • Chris Gustafson
  • David Lindquist
  • Lisa Johnson

1. Old Business

a. Fales Enterprises from Prior Lake has been retained to maintain the greens spaces within the village.

b. There was discussing on the hiring of a new management company. We need to resolve some additional issues with New Concepts prior to turning information over to a new company. Lisa suggested another company by the name of Gittleman Management. Tom will contact them.

c. We will work on the insurance issue this fall.

2. New Business

a. We will advertise on the web site for interested parties to serve on an architectural committee (3 or 5 members per association documents) and a maintenance committee.

b. There was discussion on the issuance of 2002 invoices. Additional financial information is required from the Developer and New Concepts prior to this happening.

c. There will be an owners meeting scheduled for mid September. Notices will be mailed with the 2002 invoices.

d. We will advertise on the web site for candidates to fill the open board position of Treasurer. This position is to be elected by the remaining board members per association documents.

3. Communication With Members

a. There has been good feedback on the web site and its communication abilities.

4. Finances

a. Lisa has been working to collect dues information from the Developer and New Concepts. Lisa has several concerns about the information or lack thereof received to date. Lisa has developed a spreadsheet to track invoiced amounts and payments received.

5. Good of the Association

a. Scott County has approved the preparation of an Environmental Impact Statement for the construction of County Road 21 that will run adjacent to the southern edge of the Village of Hamlet.

b. Shakopee Crossing is working on several tenants for retail space at Southbridge Parkway and County Road 18. There will be service, retail and food opportunities.

c. The Board would like to see empty lots cleaned and maintained. Tom will contact the City to see what can be done.

d. There was discussion on dumping of yard waste and debris on open lots and parkland. Tom will get the requirements and reporting contacts. This information will be added to the web site.

6. Board Approvals

a. 6808 Cambridge Road - Fence.

The meeting adjourned at 9:00 PM