Minutes 07/25/2006

Board of Directors Meeting

Hamlet at Southbridge Homeowner’s Association

July 25, 2006 – 8:00 PM Chili’s, Old Carriage Court

A regular meeting of the Board of Directors of the Hamlet at Southbridge Homeowner’s Association was held on July 25th, 2006 at Chili’s, Old Carriage Court. Present were Board members Tom Pitschneider, Gary Dose, Adrienne Stark, Jenny Ames and Pete Conrad.

    1. Call to order and Meeting Minutes Approval - The meeting was called order at 8:00 pm by Mr. Pitschneider, President of the Board.
    2. Introduction of Board members and guests - no guests present.
    3. Approval of Minutes – June 15th - approved by Gary and seconded by Adrienne.
    4. Old Business
        1. Nhut Doan, 7327 Cambridge Rd. – approved to reimburse homeowner $500 for irrigation and lawn damage done by electrical company to fix electrical problem at Monument #1. Gary has drawn up the documentation for the homeowner. In the future we will need to better understand and communicate up front the financial parameters for any situation where we find damage done to a property that abuts a common area.
    5. Committees Updates
        1. Southbridge Community Association - Adrienne attended the last meeting. Adrienne updated us with the following information: - SCA will be having dead trees cut down and will gradually be replacing them. Weed killer will be used to help control the weeds on the parkway. Grass will be reseeded in fall in needed areas. Zones will be tested for leaks and proper working by irrigation company - cost is $10 per zone. Aquapro litigation letter was drafted and sent – SCA is owed money per our contract with them – they were unable to deliver last year on their contract to irrigate the parkway. Brian Borchart is the contact for the SCA management company. We will set up a time to meet with him to determine if it is a reasonable cost to have him help the Hamlet Association BOD run an effective group.
        2. Communications – newsletter will be out in late August/September. We will scale down to three small newsletters (1 – 2 pages) and one annual big newsletter, unless another resident steps forward to handle the advertising coordination.
        3. Rules/Compliance – no new information.
        4. Maintenance
            1. Irrigation
            2. Monuments - Mulch – Tom to get detailed bids from two – three vendors in next week or so. Bids are for digging up and remulching, trimming and weeding monument areas.
            3. Islands - Irrigation & Planting – given the recent drought, agreed that a “drought-tolerant” plan would not work in Southbridge. Agreed on plan that would provide irrigation and new sod, keeping the existing trees. Any further plantings would not be done by the association. Two to three bids will be collected in next two weeks, with board voting done before the September meeting, in order to move forward as quickly as possible. Bids include the following: irrigation, new sod, battery timers for irrigation, annual maintenance of irrigation, removal of current sod and weeds, mulch rings around trees.
            4. Common area photos and data – no new information - tabled for next meeting
        5. Architectural – no new information
        6. County Road 21 – no new information
        7. Financial – no new updates
    6. New Business – Doggie receptacles information - Adrienne - $230 per “K-9 cleanup container” waste receptacle. There are a few options, and Adrienne will approach Andrea Weber of Shakopee Parks to see if there can be a partnership in it. Adrienne will also see if SCA (master association) can use some reserve funding to help cover the cost.
    7. Good of the Association/Other: next meeting – September 5th – 8 pm at Chili’s

The meeting was adjourned at 10 pm.

Respectively Submitted,

Jenny Ames