Minutes 10/27/2004

Board of Directors Meeting

October 27, 2004


Panera Bread

Attendees: Tom Pitschneider, David Lindquist, Sonya Kraft, Barb Fialkowski

Call to order.

Approval of the Minutes

Old Business:


“Eyebrows”: Discussion of possible improvements. Because the areas are city parkland, approval may be required. The board agreed to delay action until this issue is clarified.

Park 11: The board will decide on the issue of irrigating Park 11 in the spring as the city may be contemplating installing an irrigation system on this site.

New Business:

Committee Reports-

Rules Committee: Discussion of need for a meeting of the Rules Committee to develop a procedure for enforcement. Tentatively scheduled for November 9 or 10. Mr. Pitschneider will confirm the time and location at a later date.

Communications Committee: The committee has added 4 new members, Kelly Pickens, Tara Woolfolk, Melissa Klohn and Erin Titcomb. The new website is up and running and the December newsletter is in progress. Deadline for articles and ads is November 19th. Ms. Fialkowski made a motion to approve reimbursement to Tara Woolfolk in the amount of $193.45 for website development software, seconded by Mr. Pitschneider and passed unanimously.

Maintenance Committee: The fall “blowout” of the irrigation system will happen in the next few days. The issue of mailboxes was discussed. It was agreed that there is a need to take an inventory of all the mailboxes and issue a RFP for handyperson, or recruit a volunteer to maintain these assets. The board also agreed to address the issue of the 2005 irrigation contract at the next board of directors meeting.

Southbridge Community Association-

Mr. Lindquist reports that during the last several months, the “master” association has been in the process of collecting past due assessments from Savannah Oaks and creating a comprehensive appraisal of the assets on Southbridge Parkway. The first step was to seek evaluations and recommendations from irrigation, landscaping and horticultural experts. When completed in September it was clear that unless something was done to irrigate the sides of Southbridge Parkway, we would not only lose what grass remains but all of the trees as well. The board was unanimous in its desire to preserve the assets that all of the Southbridge neighborhoods value. We then developed several possible action plans (do nothing; maintain with irrigation; and irrigate and restore to original condition) and requested bids for irrigation and landscaping improvements. The board then reviewed these bids and on October 6, 2004 moved to hire AquaPro to provide a single row of irrigation along both sides of Southbridge Parkway (1.6 miles) for $47,975. Due to Savannah Oaks resolving its issue with past due assessments, the resources to fund this improvement already exist and no increase in neighborhood assessments is required. The board decided to postpone landscape restoration until surplus funds are available. Look for work to begin on the irrigation system later this fall or as soon as the ground thaws in spring.

Treasurers Report:

More than half of the Hamlet homeowners with past due assessments are now current. Only about 11 homeowners currently have a past due balance. Liens have been filed against those that have received several specific warnings.

Current cash balance is $37,949.30

Expenses year to date total $33,363.97

The budget for 2005 will be ready for the next board meeting. No change in homeowner assessments are projected for next year.

Next Meeting:

Tentatively scheduled for December 15, 7pm at the new Chili’s restaurant on Old Carriage Ct.

Motion to Adjourn:

Mr. Pitschneider, Ms. Fialkowski seconded. Passed unanimously.

Respectfully submitted by Dave Lindquist, Vice-President