Announcements - February 2008

    • Please shovel your sidewalks – many who are walking and running on the sidewalks are finding it difficult to navigate through the unshoveled sidewalks. The city of Shakopee requires residents to have their sidewalks shoveled within 36 hours after snow and ice have ceased falling onto the sidewalks. Click here to read the full city ordinance.
    • Attempted snowmobile theft in neighborhood – on 1/18/08 there was an attempted theft of a Kiddie Cat snowmobile from a Southbridge resident. The thieves tried to drag it away and eventually abandoned it on the parkway.
      • Covenants are being enforced. We have been receiving complaints regarding trailers, snowmobiles, garbage cans, etc. that are being left in residents’ driveways. Hamlet does have covenants regulating such items, and in January the board sent out reminders to those residents who have been violating these covenants. This year we will be strictly enforcing our covenants, including assessing fines for those who do not comply. For a complete listing of our neighborhood’s covenants, click here. To contact our board regarding this matter, send an email to board@hamlet-southbridge.com.
      • The Shakopee Police Department will host a Citizen’s Police Academy. The four-week course will be held on Monday evenings from March 31 through April 21. The course is offered to all Shakopee residents and business owners who wish to experience the many facets of law enforcement as encountered by Shakopee police officers. To register contact the Shakopee Police Department-Crime Prevention Unit at (952) 233-9400.
      • Adopt-A-Pond Volunteers Needed - the City of Shakopee is looking for volunteers to participate in the Adopt-A-Pond program. They are looking for individuals or groups interested in helping to improve water quality in area ponds and assisting in the maintenance of these ponds. The program offers residents an opportunity to play a critical role in the management of area ponds. For more information contact Ryan Hughes at 952-233-9510 or by email at rhughes@ci.shakopee.mn.us.