Announcements - January 2008

January 2008

Adopt-A-Pond Volunteers Needed

The City of Shakopee is looking for volunteers to participate in the Adopt-A-Pond program. They are looking for individuals or groups interested in helping to improve water quality in area ponds and assisting in the maintenance of these ponds. The program offers residents an opportunity to play a critical role in the management of area ponds. They are asking for a two-year commitment to complete the following:

• Attend an educational workshop on water quality initiatives that can be completed as part of the program.

• Conduct bi-annual clean up days at your adopted pond.

• Interact with and educate area residents on water quality initiatives.

• Serve as a liaison to the City of Shakopee by reporting water quality and vegetation issues.

The process to Adopt-A-Pond:

1. Contact the city at 952-233-9510 or by email at rhughes@ci.shakopee.mn.us with a request to Adopt-A-Pond.

2. Receive, sign, and return the volunteer agreement.

3. Once approved, city staff will contact you to begin work on the adopted pond.

Participating in the Adopt-A-Pond program is a great way to demonstrate civic pride while making a positive change in the community. Please contact Ryan Hughes if you are interested