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How can we limit solicitation in Southbridge? (October 2007)

Shakopee City Council adopted an amended Peddlers Ordinance on May 2, 2006. This ordinance allows property owners to place a City-designed sign at the main entrance to their home. The sign is available online or by visiting the Shakopee Police Department at 475 Gorman St. during regular business hours.

Why are yearly invoices sent out in April? Why can't they be sent earlier in the year?

In order to save postage costs, we combine our annual dues invoice with our annual meeting notice. According to the Bylaws of the Association (Section 4.4), we cannot mail notices for the annual meeting more than 30 days nor less than 21 days prior to the annual meeting.

When will the irrigation on Southbridge Parkway be turned on?

The irrigation is running on the parkway and is running on two of the three Hamlet areas. The parkway system was operational on June 7th & 8th with the Hamlet areas activated on June 10th.

The parkway system is set to run overnight with two areas running one day and a third area running the opposite day to meet city requirements for odd/even watering. The parkway systems start at 10:00 on their scheduled day and Hamlet's start at 8:00 pm on their scheduled days.

When will I receive my 2006 annual dues invoice? Whom do I contact if I have questions regarding my dues? (March, 2006)

Your 2006 annual invoice will be sent mid March, 2006. It is due on April 17th, 2006. If you have any questions, contact the board.

What requirements do we have in place in our neighborhood for lawn maintenance? (published in the September, 2005, newsletter)

The homeowners association has little control over individual properties within the Hamlet village of Southbridge. Since the association is not in charge of care and maintenance of each property as would be the case in many of Shakopee's townhome developments, we have not created rules dealing with the length of grass or maintenance of grass. The City of Shakopee does have ordinances dealing with several tree, shrub and lawn maintenance requirements. In particular, Chapter 7 of the City Code/Ordinances last updated January 1, 2005, "Streets and Sidewalks Generally," Sec. 7.05., Subd.2. Duty of Property Owners to Cut Grass, Weeds and Trees Along Streets.

"Every owner of property abutting on any street shall cause the grass and weeds to be cut from the line of such property nearest to such street to the center of such street. If the grass or weeds in such place attain a height in excess of 6 inches it shall be prima facie evidence of a failure to comply with this Subdivision. Every homeowner of property abutting on any street shall trim, cut, remove and otherwise maintain all trees and shrubs located on their property which overhang public right-of-way, and which create a hazardous condition."

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